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I should write this down while it's fresh!
  • Today, I went to Melbourne's Armageddon Expo to meet Bruce Boxleitner and Cindy Morgan
  • Their panel was first on my to do this, aside from buying tokens for photos and autographs later on. We got in as early as we could to secure good seats.
  • I spent so much time taking photos I didn't even write notes
  • I wanted to ask a question, but the moment the mic reached my hand, my mind literally went blank- which I said out loud and got some chuckles. I recovered and asked what kinds of futures would they have written for their characters.
  • Cindy referenced Tron 2.0/Ghost in the Machine, saying if Jet Bradely were on the Grid, she would have liked Lora to have written a program to protect him. Bruce admitted he wasn't a writer and so he didn't have much of an answer, but he imagined there should be a whole heap of little Trons, little boy Trons and girl Trons, running around "the way it should be". 
  • After the panel, which was great fun and I think I took at least 150 photos, we went to chill by the signing area because a lot of the actors were out to lunch and there was lots of room to just sit. Bruce and Cindy walked by us, we would've yelled out to say hello but they were far enough for that to have been awkward (so they couldn't exactly stop to say hi) but close enough for us to really just run over and jump them.
  • Around 2.20, we went to line up for our photos.
  • Bruce said as we took ours, "Does Flynn live... that's what I'd like to know." I replied "I think so, I think he lives through Sam. And Tron through Alan."
  • I don't think he realised my shirt said TRON LIVES, not FLYNN... eheheh;; 
  • In my photo with Bruce and Cindy together, I asked them to hold up my TRON LIVES and YORI LIVES tshirts (I had changed into my RAM LIVES one by this point) and they happily obliged. I remember Bruce saying something like "Gotta show off" in a funny tone, I should've replied "it's what creative types do!" but was already too flustered from standing between them. 
  • When I went to get their autographs, Cindy was very kind and seemed to really like my chibis drawing of Tron and Yori. She showed Bruce who found them cute too. I was very shaky when I gave Bruce his tshirt and I admitted this was all quite scary. He leaned forward and said in a very caring voice, "Why is it scary?" like he honestly wanted me to feel comfortable. I admitted to being a huge fan and went on to tell him how I had spent the last two months marathoning Scarecrow and Mrs King, he seemed quite delighted by this.
  • I told him about season 3 and how it drove me nuts the entire season how Lee and Amanda didn't kiss. He laughed and said "well we had to keep you on the edge of your seat!" I told him I am very much looking forward to season 4 and I had season 1 in my bag. He laughed and said "you really came armed!" 
  • I didn't want to distract them from more guests so thanked them and made my way off. 
  • When they were leaving the signing area, I was very happy to see them carrying my gifts in their hands (well, the bags I gave them were BRIGHT blue and pink, it was quite hard to miss. A volunteer held Cindy's but Bruce carried his own; this made me extremely happy).
  • Throughout the day, I had a few people comment on my shirt. "Nice shirt!" said one passerby and others that waited in line for photos looked at me and took a moment to realise I was wearing a parody of the original FLYNN LIVES. They were all quite amused. 
I had an amazing day, I feel quite sad now that it's over but that's how things go. Bruce was amazing at the Tron Legacy screening last night as well. Very sharply dressed and very kind to the audience. This was all very much worth the trip to Melbourne.
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Keeping track of my resolutions for 2012!!!
Okay, so I was in a bit of a rush last time but going to go into a little more detail now! This will hopefully make my end of year post easier, haha!

New movie/series: Merlin
 - Merlin was one of those series I was seeing all over my dash on tumblr, making me want to see if I could get into it and then of course get me to make my blog even more of a BBC blog. But I went through about 8 episodes and I just wasn't feeling it and unfortunately I haven't picked it up since.
CG:I believe it Sherlock Holmes
Notes: Participated in some Chinese New Year parades, went to see Annie, Sherlock season 2 (asdhawe)

New movie/series: Lord of the Rings
 - Something I have been meaning to watch, well not really, but surely something a lot of people have nagged me about watching for quite some time. I suppose it is with good reason, being as nerdy as I am I suppose this is something that I needed to see. Of course now I also have the incentive of Martin Freeman starring in the Hobbit later this year. I will go see the Hobbit and the trailers look amazing, and despite it being a prequel, I wanted to see the movies before this one. It may be a prequel, but that's just it, it's a prequel, there will be references and in jokes to do with the later movies. So I sat through the endless hours of these movies. 
I can understand the following and its fandom, but it was not my kind of movie. I can appreciate the universe it creates and the quality for its time but I was never into this kind of fantasy (hence why I couldn't get into Merlin), even with Harry Potter, my favourite thing was the Quidditch and school aspect. 
It took great effort sitting through such long movies, but there were enjoyable parts, I picked favourite characters and am even more so looking forward to the Hobbit now. (Note: The hobbits, all of them, are adorable, I adored Merry and Pip so the fact that the next movie is all about a certain hobbit is going to be hard enough [in the sense I love them so much], but the fact that this hobbit will be played by Martin Freeman... welp)
CG: Sherlock bookmarks
Notes: Started my art blog, good way to track my doodles. I've been doing a lot of lazy CG's lately, but nothing proper which is making my one CG a month resolution difficult to keep up with. MELBOURNE TRIP, graduation, Sherlock marathon at Sally's, Harry Potter exhibit

New movie/series: Glee
- Being a show about high school and music that pays respect to Wicked on more than one occasion, it's a surprise I haven't sat through much of Glee before. It is simple and quite American, but I am enjoying it. I have a relentless guilty pleasure for slice-of-life/high school settings. Going to an all girls school in Australia, I think I made a lot of expectations up for high school that went unfulfilled and watching a show about high school certainly doesn't fill that but it does remind me how unrealistic my expectations were (e.g. The formal was no where near as big a deal as proms seem to be in America). 
I am enjoying Glee, will keep up with it.
CG: No sugar!, Little adventures
Notes: All my CGs are Sherlock, hahaha! Well it's been two months since season 2 ended but this fandom truly is amazing and I think we'll pull each other through the next 18 or so months until season 3. 
Got my Adventures of Sherlock Holmes box set, manager for 3 weeks (sort of), started working on some music videos with Pat,

New movie/series: Community
To be honest, I only saw one episode without much motivation. The episode didn't interest me too much but I would like to stick to it for a little longer just to see if I'll like it eventually.
CG: Welcome back, Cee fashion
Notes: My 5-projects-over-the-year resolution is going well! In April I worked on two different music video projects and I am currently in pre-production for another! So I am very much looking forward to this! Currently still managing at work, it's doing my head it but I'm managing (no.. pun intended...)

New movie/series: Once Upon A Time
I have been meaning to watch this show for a while and my initial thought was 'This could get really good or really, really bad!' My family likes it too so now we're watching it as it airs in Australia (which is a fair bit behind what all my friends have seen...) so I'm not very far it. Never the less though, I plan on sticking with this series for some time!
CG: Anything But This
Notes Still managing at work but also doing many other things! Had a good shoot earlier in the month for the talented Ngarrie which was an amazing experience! Cannot wait for the final video to be available online! Also had some SMASH events, building up to the event.  

New movie/series: Transformers Prime 
I'd seen a friend do a lot of screaming about some Transformers series over the past couple of weeks and I had seen the toys for this series around the place. She rekindled my love for Transformers and we actually watched all of Robots in Disguise through together, which was a lot of fun and filled with a lot of memories. Wanting to try new things this year, I gave Prime a go and fell. In. Love. It had everything I've always loved about the TF series; adorable characters that are easy to love, not too complicated storylines and beautiful characters interactions. Too bad it's now on hiatus- after a cliffhanger at that! Waiting eagerly for its return!
CG: Korra chibis, UtaPuri chibis (A.K.A. SMASH PREP!)
Notes: Supanova, Sherlock cos, photography for Izzie,

New movie/series: Babylon 5
I began watching Tron Uprising this month, which is something I've been meaning to watch for ages. In a way it counts as trying something new as well. Watching a new series that is spun off the movies (pre Legacy post 1982) got me right back into it, more than ever actually. Long story short, I had a look around at what else Bruce Boxleitner- who plays Tron/Alan is every adaptation- had done and having heard a lot of Babylon 5, I decided to try it. I admit, I've only sen 3 episodes though. It's ok, not entirely my thing but it could possibly grow on me? The pilot was terribly complicated but episodes 2 and 3 were much easier, not sure if I'll keep up with it long enough for Bruce to show up though hahaha.
CG: Avatar chibis
Notes: SMASH!!!, excellent time with dear friends, STILL managing at work, Long Reef recee, KH3DS, set up my new Mac, 

New movie/series: Scarecrow and Mrs. King
CG: Program Day Care, Nap Time with the Creator, We Fight for the Programs,  
Noes: STILL. MANAGING. Presets shoot, Ryan's shoot, Tron-everything, 

New movie/series: AnoHana
CG: My name's Ram, T R O N

New movie/series: Castle
CG: Trick or Treat 
Notes: Meloburne Armageddon

New movie/series: Arrow
CG: New ID
Notes:omfg Melbourne/Redbubble

New movie/series:
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This is worse than last year! I've not got 35 minutes before midnight and the end of 2011! Well I suppose one is allowed to reflect on 2011 once it is completely over, that does make sense.
Never the less, I shall begin this report.

2011 was definitely a big year for me, but probably not any bigger than some other years, haha. The biggest thing to happen would be uni I suppose, I finished uni this year and progressed a little in life- by that I mean I now have a job and got my green Ps! I am growing up... I suppose.

I'm not entirely sure I have enough details to go through the year month by month, I might actually leave that for later because over the last couple of weeks I have been thinking of my end of year report and there is one thing that I want to do more than ever this year and that is the thank you's.

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Doing my month by month slowly! Refresh in 24 hours xD

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In the Closet- A Cosplay Documentary

The documentary I wrote and directed as my final project for college. In the Closet is a short documentary on Sydney's cosplay community. My project, In the Closet, introduces audiences to the world of cosplay while also analysing the growth of this art within the city of Sydney, Australia.

After working on it for 8-9 months, it's finally online for everyone's viewing pleasure!
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I feel like I should be making a "end of Harry Potter" post right now, as I'm leaving for the midnight screening in about 3 hours, six hours until the movie starts.

I don't know... it doesn't feel like the end... or maybe HP just never had a huge impact on me. I rebelled it at first, not wanting to get into the "popular" thing because it's cool to now like what's cool apparently *shrugs*. Anyway, I saw the movie with my school in year 6... back in 2002? It was the end of year honour students excursion (I WAS A NERD, BIG SURPRISE) and thought "ooh, that was pretty cool". I guess... all I know is I started liking it after that movie and I know I was actually against it at first xD;
I also remember two scenes that... for some reason, just really stuck. Harry jumping around in the living room trying to reach one of the millions of Hogwarts letters that had just shot out of the chimney and Hagrid standing in the doorway as the door falls the ground with a giant THUD. For some reason I remember those two scenes really well and when I saw the movie I was thinking "ohh, so that was a part of this Harry Potter craze".

Ever since then, I just know I've always been into it and Oliver Wood's always been my favourite- I don't remember noticing him or starting to like him... I only know that he's always been my favourite... hm.

So, I've never been into looking deeply into the story, pairings or theories. I never really plotted or thought about what the next book had it store. I never shipped anything or tried to predict pairings etc either. The only thing that ever came up was probably whether or not Harry'll die or whether or not Snape was evil. See there, I wasn't overly into it; I read them and I enjoyed them. But I think as I'm a pretty big fangirl, in general that is, and with "Pottermania" being what it is, I just couldn't help but craze over it. And you know, with any other fandom, the more people you have to fan with or the bigger it is; the easier it is to fan over.

I am proudly a part of the HP generation. I was 10 when I saw Harry turn 11 and enter Hogwarts for the first time. I was the same age as the main cast and grew up with them as the movies progressed. Honestly the HP series... hasn't changed my life as it has changed many others. JKR inspired me to write and that's where my fic writing and dream to publish a book came to be, but I won't try and say "IT'S TOTALLY CHANGED MY LIFE, HP FOREVER". Ehh... I don't know... it's hard to say... it's just when I think about how HP has changed my life... it kind of hasn't, haha! I, like millions of other people in the world, was inspired to read and write creative stories which will hopefully one day become a very big thing in my life.

I can't say it hasn't played a part in my life, I have a lot of wonderful memories of the HP series.

Kitamura Eiki- You and Me

Fanfic; Two of a Kind (Oliver, Percy friendship)

Title: Two of a Kind
Pairing: Oliver Wood, Percy Weasley friendship (if that)
Rating: G
Warning: -
Word Count:  2 186
Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters that appear in this fanfic, or anything else related to HARRY POTTER that may appear in this fanfic.
Comments: Ahaha, first fic in what feels like at least a year and it's... this?
Summary: Percy's quiet afternoon is interrupted by an exhausted Oliver Wood's entrance into the 7th year boy's dormitory. Kicking off a conversation made for pure courtesy, Percy discovers that he and the Quidditch Captain were not all that different.

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First day!

First day at a new job!!!

So I arrived about 15-20 minutes early, kind of still testing how long it'd take me to get there from different stations 8D;
In general I think it went well, I was a bit slow but I'm hoping that's just stuff you pick up and catch up. Never worked in a retail store before so the scanner thingy and I are just getting acquainted.

It was kind of nerve wrecking to be left in the store by myself, but it's only a small shop so I guess it's normal to just have one person on, there's not loads to do really- which became a problem on its own, seeing as how I walked around in circles folding clothes that didn't need to be folded like ten times.

All in all I think it went well, i didn't burn down the store or destroy anything :p There's a lot I need to pick up, but my manager did say that she knows it's a lot of info and you just get use to it. It was the same with my Santa Photography job, so yeah. I really miss that job, wish it wasn't just a seasonal thing :( I think I might keep applying for Capitol Theatre, because at the end of the day I don't want to be in retail- I want to be in Entertainment! Not that I'm not grateful for this job, but right now it's a job that I, as a student, can use to cover my travel and youthful urge to spend on useless items :p Now that I think about it I never got around to harassing production companies to take me on. Not that I can tour the country with stuff like Wicked yet anyway.

I'm looking forward to working here, well I'm looking forward to getting better at my job, haha! It's very early days, we'll see how things go :)
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General life updates!

It has been far too long since i did a general "updates" post. SO. Right now, everything I type is being said it Matt Smith (read that twice, MATT Smith, not James. Matt. As in the British one.) because I just marathoned 4 episodes of Doctor Who today.
Yes, I'm into Doctor Who now. Doctor Who is cool.
My favourite Doctor is the 9th, because he was my first. Also because I don't like the Doctor being young enough to ship with his assistant. 10th didn't help by being so gorgeous either.That and you know, I like older men anyway :p /SHOT

Overall life has been pretty normal. Uni is normal, I'm getting close to mid year which is the production phase for everyone's major projects. I'm pretty on the ball with my paperwork but kind of scared about the actual shooting of everything. Fingers crossed!
Also! Had I known the other class from my course (which has now merged with my class cause there's about 30 of us all together) was so full of nerds- Harry Potter fans, DC/Marvels fans, Doctor Who fans, anime fan (yeah okay, there's one)... I'd have tried to get into their class the last two years! The Pop Culture course I'd been dreading has actually turned into my favourite class because we are all looking at stuff that's big and popular- but also stuff that we like. So there've been a lot of presentations about anime, Doctor Who, Harry Potter, Superman, trading card games etc. The other day we had I think a presentation on Superman, Harry Potter then Darleks... I'd never felt like i belonged so much. For the very first time I was one of the few that were "in the know" and others were totally left out. I understood the references, I took part in discussions and I just GOT IT. Aaaaaahh it felt good.

Been to the theater a couple of times and still missing Wicked terribly. Saw Dr. Zhivago and Mary Poppins. Would LOVE to see Mary Poppins again before it leaves and wish I bought the Dr. Zhivago CD.

Been financially disabled as of late but I did have a successful job interview recently, training is next week and hopefully I start soon after that! It's a very normal retail job, but I'm also still doing the odd film job here and there. James' manager has asked us to cover another artist in late July- looking forward to it!

I will have a table at SMASH again this year, but I've only JUST started on art for that 8D; Been busy with assessments lately but am hoping to have a new set of bookmarks and badges ready by next week. Check my tumblr for WIP updates!

Ah yes, have tickets for one of the many midnight screenings of Deathly Hallows part 2. I hear we get it on the 13th, 2-3 days before many other parts of the world! I say 3 because the 15th in America will already be the 16th here in Australia, and the 13th here is still the 12th there. So it's like 3 whole days! WOW. I am SO PLEASED with out country! I mean we're last to get anything else, like TV programs, merch, technology etc.
As I tend to do before each movie, I'm currently re-reading the entire series. Half way through PoA, my favourite~

I think that's about it. I have to get back to writing a post on a cosplay shoot I was on recently and some guilty pleasure fics now that I'm into Harry Potter again.